lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2014

Elämänmakuiset päiväunet

Kiitos maaliskuun ensimmäisen päivän auringon,
lämpötila pelargonihuone 'Lataamossa' 
nousi pariin kymmeneen asteeseen.
Ruusunmekon kevät on korkattu kuplivalla
ja ruusunpunaisilla päiväunilla.

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  1. Here's my answer to the Anonymous (whose questions has disappeared):
    Thank you for your message. Basically, I'm just practicing to write a blog. Main thought in my blog is that it's based on photos. Sometimes I have an idea and I shoot it like a story. Sometimes I have a pile of photos of which I choose the ones I'll make a post of and create a story of those. This way the text comes quite naturally. Moreover, I can bring together two of my dear hobbies, gardening and photographing.